It’s a well known fact: plus sized women are every bit as sexy, sultry and downright divine as their itty bitty counterparts.

So why is it that so many of us otherwise independent, fun, full figured ladies are choosing bland and generic lingerie? You wouldn’t consider buying your little black dress in a plastic wrapper from your local super center, so why settle for plain-wrap panties? What you wear underneath your clothes says just as much about your personality and sex appeal as anything else you put on for the day. After all, inside every woman is a sensual love goddess just waiting to be explored. How can she ever truly come out to play unless you let her dress the part?

Size Matters

The most important factor in any lingerie shopping expedition is ensuring the perfect fit. You want to feel flirty and fabulous in your sexy new something; and that can only be accomplished by making sure your new purchase fits the way it was designed to.

Start by hitting your local lingerie shop for a proper bra fitting. It’s estimated that over 70% of women are currently wearing the wrong size bra, and busty girls are among some of the worst offenders. Some women are hesitant to walk into a fitting room and ask for help sizing up their two most valuable assets, but keep in mind that these ladies see bosoms all day, and they have the training to help you pick out the perfect piece. Head to a shop that specializes in plus sized fashion to ensure that they’ll have a wide variety of styles to suit your frame. The right bra will keep your girls up, front and center – where they belong – and will actually enhance your feminine hourglass shape.

Get Your Head in the Game

Lingerie shopping requires the right mindset. You can’t just rush into your local Wally World, grab a red lace teddy, throw it in your shopping cart along with a box of cat litter and a carton of orange juice, and expect it to fit and flatter your particular body type. Plus sized sex kittens have their own set of needs, wants and desires when it comes to shopping for sexy underpinnings.

Set aside some time to browse and shop at a store designed specifically for curvy chicas, and you’ll be much happier with the selection, fit, and styles you find there. But even more importantly, make sure you’re in the mood to treat yourself to a little something special.

Let Your Fingers do the Shopping

Finally, keep in mind that the internet can be a bigger girl’s best friend when it comes to shopping for sexy little numbers.

Online malls and websites designed specifically for plus size ladies, such as Hips and Curves, will carry a much larger selection and have tons more sizes to choose from than the women’s section of your local department store. Plus, shopping from the comfort of your own computer means you can take as long as you want to make a selection, and shop whenever it’s most convenient for you.

Just make sure you take a look at a website’s return and exchange policy beforehand, and then feel free to try out a variety of different shapes and styles in the privacy of your own bedroom once they arrive!

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Sarah Zammit is the founder of, the original online plus size shopping guide which was launched back in 2002. was launched in 2017 as a continuation of the original website; offering an updated look into curvy fashion. Sarah is a Digital Marketing specialist by profession, wife and mother of two adorable babies.


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