Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our lives and habits have changed; we no longer go out freely and stay at home longer (there are even countries resuming quarantines right now). Now we many of us are working from home, we study through virtual classes, we connect with our family and friends by video call, etc.

Do you remember the last time you wore a dress and heels? Most likely, during the last year you have decided to wear more comfortable and simple clothes at home, but in this new normal some women maybe have felt lost. But, how relaxed should your style be when working from home? The new loungewear has the answer.

Joggers Replace Jeans

For a long time, loungewear was the category where we bought pyjamas and to be comfortable we preferred jeans, however now we were at home 24/7 (or almost), everything changed! And it’s sportswear and the new loungewear that replaces jeans as the most sought after by consumers.

And there are good reasons for this:
1. They use more flexible fabrics and this allows you can move freely.
2. The material with which the garments are made is fresher.
3. Clothes with simple lines are versatile and therefore easy to combine.

Finally fashion is made according to the needs of the consumer and not the other way around!

What is the new loungewear?

It’s clothes to be at home taken to the next level, now you can use it to work, go out to buy groceries, make video calls and all while looking fabulous.

Curvy Trends for 2021

This year, neutral colours will continue to be basis of our home style because they make us look refined and elegant. Tie Dye continues as a trend but in pastel tones and colours such as black, dark green, navy blue, etc. If you want a touch of colour, bubblegum pink garments are super trendy to wear in an absolutely feminine and delicate total look.

We have reviewed some of the stores for plus sizes, we analyse what they offer and we bring you the definitive guide with our selection of clothes that you need for a glamorous home style.

1. Simply Be

In this store you have many outfits that will make your life easier because they are already combined with each other, take a look at what we found for you:

This beautiful set has a fun print and is a bit softer than the traditional tie dye so it’s perfect for modern but understated looks.

Bored of wearing black? Put pink in your life! Don’t neglect the little details because those white lines place this outfit halfway between loungewear and athleisure.

Do you have a special occasion? Even if it’s at home, don’t let it go unnoticed, show a little more skin without neglecting comfort with this incredible outfit.

2. Boohoo

In this store we find a daring urban style that allows us to experience a naughty loungewear. These are our recommendations:

This patterned sweatshirt and jogger set stole our hearts, plus the colours are perfect to bring out different skin tones.

This ruched top allows you to show a little skin without being vulgar, it is adjustable and you decide how far to show.

The blouse and print are sophisticated and make this set of shorts more elegant. You can add a long coat and go for a walk.

3. Yours Clothing

In this store we find more relaxed and informal loungewear, perfect for chilling & Netflix (or Prime Video, Disney +, HBO or whatever your prefer):

You don’t need to have glitter for breakfast to shine all day. For that you have this beautiful outfit!

Rose gold never looked better than in this long top, it is super feminine and comfortable.

If you like the tie dye pattern but feel that it is too extravagant for you, in this sweatshirt you find the balance with the mixture of dark colours in a low contrast.

4. Pretty Little Thing

A nice style in basic garments that you can use and mix with clothes that you have in your closet. These were our favourites:

The side lines will make you look taller and the drawstring at the waist will be the detail that will give balance to your figure.

All woman need a crop hoodie like this one, it’s casual, comfortable and can be worn alone or with a top underneath.

If your leggings are already very worn it is time to replace them with these, we love the detail around the waist, it’s very flattering and different.

Build Your Smart Loungewear Style

Check what you have in your closet that you can combine with these recommendations, new loungewear is very versatile and will surely find a space in your new home style.

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Sarah Zammit is the founder of Pasazz.net, the original online plus size shopping guide which was launched back in 2002. PasazzPlus.com was launched in 2017 as a continuation of the original website; offering an updated look into curvy fashion. Sarah is a Digital Marketing specialist by profession, wife and mother of two adorable babies.


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