When it comes to plus size fashion one of the worst things is the thought that your size stops you from dressing in a way that is trend-setting and fashionable. This is why we get more than just a little excited when we discover a store which is able to cater to plus size ladies, whilst still remaining bang on trend.

Why was Your Big Sister’s Closet created?

The plus size fashion store Your Big Sister’s Closet was created by Curvy Canadian blogger Karen Ward. She wanted to ensure that plus size women have access to up to date fashion options that are not only stylish but that are also flattering too.

Designed to cater to women over a size 12, the store was created by Karen’s love of fashion and the difficulties that she has found over time in finding amazing clothes that actually fit her body.

This was alongside her blog that was started in 2010. Both of which combined, meant that she is a presence in the plus size fashion world and someone who provides valuable opinions on the fashion world. She wants to ensure that every single woman out there who thinks that she cannot wear the clothes that she wants; can find their own style and dress to their true potential.

Alongside the amazing plus size clothes that are a part of collection, there are also a number of gorgeous accessories on offer too. Making sure that any plus size outfit looks amazing together.

Why we love Your Big Sister’s Closet

So, what makes us love Your Big Sister’s Closet? Well it is the combination of all of the things that it has to offer. The clothes that are in stock on the website are beautifully designed and constructed in a way that is flattering to your size.

The colours and prints are eye-catching and glamourous and they will make you feel more than just a little feminine, flirty and fun. The quality of the clothes on this website are also made to the highest standard with a great finish. Not only does this make sure that the items will stand the test of time, but that they will always look as great as when you first bought them. Something that is important when you are investing in fashion.

Finally, there is the price, which is set at just the right level. It shows that the items that are in stock are great quality but that it is low enough that you feel that you are getting a great deal too.

So, if you see yourself as a stunning plus size woman and you want to make sure that you are known for your fabulous fashion. Then why not take a rifle through Your Big Sister’s Closet? You will find the most amazing outfits out there which will not only make sure you feel amazing but that you look amazing too!

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Sarah Zammit is the founder of Pasazz.net, the original online plus size shopping guide which was launched back in 2002. PasazzPlus.com was launched in 2017 as a continuation of the original website; offering an updated look into curvy fashion. Sarah is a Digital Marketing specialist by profession, wife and mother of two adorable babies.


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